It's october!!!

My favorite month in my favorite season. And you know what October means...


I am involved in a couple of blog parties, links to which you can find in my side bar. 

First I just want to share the two Halloween inspired ATC's that I made for an exchange with K at Banterings of a Basketcase. These were my first ever ATC's but certainly not my last. 

In my first blog of the Halloween season I am going to reveal what my costume for the year will be. I will be going as Elizabeth Bennett, Zombie Slayer from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I got a gorgeous plum colored linen from Joanns to make my dress from. I will be buying a cheap but pretty kitana  from Ren Faire next weekend. Then the day of I will decorate my face with viscera to look fresh from slaying. lol. Here is the dress pattern I will  be using. I'm doing the long sleeved version.

I will be wearing my costume to the Halloween party Seth and I will be throwing on the 30th. Come back for more costuming, crafting, shopping, ideas and general holiday fun. 


Ketutar said…
Sounds like a great idea for a costume, but what is a kitana?

I love the birdhead ATC :-)
J.Moehring said…
OOooooo, that sounds amazing! I can't wait to see it when your finished. It's going to be zombie-tastic!
Beautiful! I am so jealous. I will not be making a costume this year because payday doesn't hit til the 29th. I do love your ATCs- and tha crad that came with it- they are my first halloween decor in the living room
AlphaBetsy said…
A Katana (apparently I spelled it wrong, damn I suck) is type of Japanese sword. In the books the Bennett sisters were trained to use Katanas.

K - If it weren't for the Joann's coupons I might not have been able to make one either. I love my ATC's too. Especially the female in the jaunty hat.

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