Getting ready for Halloween/ Samhain weekend.

This month has flown by way too fast. Pure craziness.

Tomorrow night is beggars night here in Columbus, so I was working tonight on putting my porch together. Seth got us 6+ bags of candy, because I bought 4 of the big mix bags last year and still ran out of candy in the first hour. I am dressing up to hand out and can hopefully get a picture of my witchy self to share. I'm actually wearing most of my witch outfit to work I hope corporate America is prepared for this.

I have Friday off to get the house together and then we have our Halloween Party on Saturday. I will definitely take pictures of our costumes and the decorations to share. My dress turned out amazing, and I can not wait to put the whole thing together.

Seth and I have begun a tradition of going to The North Market on Samhain and buying fresh locally grown foods to make ourselves a special meal, and this Sunday will be no exception. I am trying to decide what we should make this year, because last year we didn't plan and we had the strangest conglomeration of ingredients. We ended up making a soup/ stew that tasted amazing, but was certainly different. We think if we plan we also might not spend as much, lol. We'll see how this works. More tomorrow and through the weekend.

I also have to share that I hit my first weight loss goal a week or two ago and as of today have officially lost 33.5 lbs. I feel so great. We did the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 3.5 mile walk on Sunday and I was fine the whole walk, portions of which were uphill. I feel like I am really getting somewhere health wise.


woohoo! good for you! I made my costumne too- I hope to get pics of it- we pass out candy sunday, we stay on the actual day in our town

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