Costume and Halloween Party 2010

Last night was Seth and I's first Halloween party in our new house. The turn out was not bad, though we really ended up having two kind of small parties instead of one large party. We had a great time nonetheless. Here is a collection of party/ costume photos. As a reminder I was dressed as Elizabeth Bennett, Zombie Killer from the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

My little sister as Little Red Riding Hood and my mom as a Doctor. 

My friends Shari and Angie as Sugar and Spice from Batman forever and me. 

Seth as a yard gnome and  me. 

And here are some random decorating pics. 

We also got some pumpkins that we attacked in the backyard with various weapons including Seth's sword, my katana, my friends cricket bat from his Shaun of the Dead costume and an axe. We destroyed some 

Today as part of our Samhain celebration, Seth and I headed to the North Maket to buy the ingredients for Jambalaya, which is what we decided to make for dinner this year. I also bought a bouquet of Sunflowers and we got Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. A pint of bourbon butter pecan to share...mmmm it was so good. All in all it has been a beautiful Samhain together. 

Blessed Samhain. 

And Happy Halloween. 


OH gosh! The yard gnome was perfect! It made me giggle too.
D.Suplicki said…
Holy crap... a yard gnome?? Brilliant! I'm going to steal your idea and file it away for Joe next year... ;)

Your costumes looked great and I love your jack o lanterns!I hope you had a positively beautiful Samhain. <3

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