Life...Goals, Wedding, Zombies and more

First off I want to thank everyone who stopped by my tea party and to say a big hello to my new followers!! I can't wait to get to know you all. I so loved going to all the amazing blogs and their equally amazing parties.

I am already starting to plot and plan for Halloween. I have some big ideas that I am really hoping I can make come to fruition. I've got plenty of time to work on things, so I'm sure I can make something amazing happen. Michael's is already getting Halloween and Fall items stocked in the stores, which is honestly just fueling the fire. I think I know what my costume is going to be, already, sad isn't it. Right now I am thinking of dressing as Alice from the SyFy miniseries.

On a non Halloween note Seth and I are starting to review and will be touring some Wedding locations. We have several that we like and are considering. I will keep updates on final decisions and information. We are also going to start buying fabrics soon, so watch for that too. 

I have made a new list of goals for myself, because the last one was so fun. I have actually had them written down for a while (like since April), but hadn't posted them here. I am giving myself until Samhain/Halloween to get them completed. Some of these may look familiar because they are carry over. 

1) Reach One-derland
2) Successfully complete warrior dash
3) Fly a Kite 
4) Play paintball
5) Go to Gallery Hop
6) Get a massage
7) Learn to Resin Cast
8) Update scrapbooks
9) Decide on a wedding location and make reservation
10) Have at least 4 craft nights to work on wedding crafts
11) go to 3 different Ren Faires 
12) try out for Ohio Roller Girls Rec League
13) Craft at least 15 items for friends and family
14) Work-out at least 6 nights a week... no excuses
15) Get gym membership or sign up for class
16) Become more regular in religious practice
17) hold first blog giveaway
18) get piercings
19) plan and hold amazing Halloween parties and share on blog. 
20) Go to lingerie store to be fitted for and buy new bras

I am getting some off there, and some are in progress, so that's a good thing, right? 

I signed up, today actually, for a belly dance class. I'm excited to get back into the swing and taking classes again. I start on Tuesday. Yay!! 

Before I get off here I have to share the family portrait our friend, Cliff, painted for Seth and I. He brought it for us last night and it is a little disturbing but totally awesome. If you are not a fan of zombies, then you may not want to look. 
Zombie Seth, Zoe, Betsy and Samhain
Tomorrow we are taking my sister to the Cleveland Zoo for her 20th birthday. Pictures will follow. 



Anonymous said…
Awesome goals girl! Woot for the bellydance! Enjoy.

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