Shmoo turns 20!!

My little sister, Traci (Shmoo), turned 20 on the 9th and we all went to the Cleveland Zoo to celebrate on the 10th. On the way we stopped at a little rest stop let her open her presents and ate Surly Girl red velvet cupcakes. Here are some photos of our awesome day.
Presents and Cupcakes!! 

Shmoo Unwrapping

I bought her a Happy Birthday Button the size of her head, lol. 

Scott Pilgrim from Seth and I 

What's next? 

More unwrapping.

A Kingdom Heart's lanyard and cell phone charm. 

A tiny chibithulu

Her awesome Cons - the batman side

The joker side

The laces

Awesome pink ribbon painted elephant.

My favorite...such a sweet face. I love bats. flippin cute. 

Giant Lion Fish

Sweet little Asian Otter...this one only had 3 legs, but he could scoot with the best. 

Tree Frog...I love frogs. 

Cheetah...this one was purring so loud. It was adorable. 


Gorgeous snake...I can not remember the species. 

Baby Black Footed Cat


There's a turtle here... really. 


Carousel Dreams said…
Happy Birthday to your little sister, and thankyou so much for all of your support in this past is very much appreciated xxx
Knickertwist said…
Your zoo trip looks like fun and your sistes shoes are AWESOME!
The Blue Faerie said…
Someone in your family has good taste in shoes. :)
Róisín said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Róisín said…
Aw, looks like you all had a wonderful day! Your sister is very pretty, she looks a lot younger than 20...:) Loved your photos, so summery and happy!

p.s. If you're wondering why I deleted my last comment it was because I spotted a rougue apostrophe after I'd posted it. It would've annoyed me all night if I'd left it there!

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