AFP and the windy city.

I spent the weekend in Chicago, to see my favorite singer Amanda Palmer, and her band the Grand Theft Orchestra. Seth's cousin, David, lives in Chicago, and he let us crash at his apartment. It was awesome because he lived about 5 minutes away from the venue on foot. I dressed up for the show because I always do. I am wearing a tail coat, but it is kind of hard to see.

You can't see my knee high striped socks. 


The Simple Pleasure

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The show was amazing. For her encore she performed Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, and made me cry. I also cried when they performed the song "Lost" from the new album Theatre is Evil. She asked us to send in photos and during that song flashed photos of people we had lost, and my grandparents flashed by. It was kind of emotional for me. I love her, have for years and will apparently continue to. 

The next photos are ones I took on the streets of Chicago. Some of them are just things I thought were interesting. Some are landmarks. Enjoy. 

Absolutely adorable Mexican restaurant

Where we ate Chicago deep dish pizza

Waiting for the train

Here one comes, but it's not ours. 

Church where a gangster was gunned down. 

The bullet hole in the side of the church

The water tower. 

Giant Hershey chocolate syrup bottles in the Hershey store.

The lego store in the mall. Seth's favorite place by far. 

Lego Chicago skyline

Nessie ran through the store. 

Her head. 

Lego version of the water tower.

The bean. 

Do you see us in the reflection? We are with the guy in the orange. 

Bean self portrait.

Chicago was amazing. I want to go back all the time. My mom and I are going to try to take a weekend trip with my little sister before she ships out. 


Queenie Believe said…
Looks like you had an awesome time!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

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