Seth and I are taking a little road trip this weekend. We are driving to Chicago. And neither of us has ever been there. We are going to see my favorite singer Amanda Palmer.Seth's cousin lives in Chicago, and told us we can stay with him, which is a huge money saver, plus we found out that his apartment is only 10 minutes away from the venue walking, heck yeah.

Are you familiar with Amanda Palmer? She is the lead singer of the Dresden Dolls, which is how I found her oh so many years ago. The first song of theirs I ever heard was Girl Anachronism and I felt such a kinship with it, that I went straight home and found them online, and ordered the CD. I saw the dolls live 4 times and have seen Amanda's solo show live once before.  She is amazing, talented, and the sweetest person. I have met her a couple of times at signings and she is always super nice and friendly.

Her new album features a band, the Grand Theft Orchestra, and the album is everything I wanted from her. :) I will take far too many pictures of the concert and Chicago. I am so excited. 


Queenie Believe said…
Have big fun!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
Wulf said…
She was on CBC Radio this morning! Have a good trip to Chicago and enjoy the concert.

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