It's beginning to look a lot like...

Yule!! My house is almost ready for the season to begin. I have two parties at my house on the 15th, so I need to be ready. Here are some pics of everything so far. I plan to get a tabletop fresh tree for my dining room table and I want to string popcorn for it. I haven't done that in years and I really have a desire to do it. 

I had a meeting with an advisor from school today, and I was able to change my major and get a plan of action for the next several semesters. I am now officially an English major!! I am beyond excited about this. I feel like I am truly working toward a major I really want to study and toward a career I really want to pursue. I also got my classes scheduled for Spring. This means something else off my goal list for the next year. Woo-hoo! I'm chipping away at it little by little.

I have several more things in the works, like my sister's going away party, and holiday crafting. I'm on a roll. 

* I will throw an amazing going away party for my little sister * I will make Yule gifts for my family and send cards to all my friends * I will register for and run Warrior Dash again * I will make Thanksgiving dinner for my family * I will find a volunteer opportunity at a homeless shelter or food bank during the holidays * I will start taking bellydance again * I will help my mom find a new apartment in Columbus, and get her moved * I will get our bedroom, the guestroom and the computer room in usable order * I will make new friends and reconnect with old * I will set and keep a budget and pay off VS, Dell and Best Buy * I will finish cleaning and getting my craft room in good working order * I will celebrate the full wheel of the year * I will start learning to play acoustic guitar * I will keep up my healthy diet and exercise program, and get down to a size 10 * I will get to where I can do 25 regular pushups * I will sign up for a gun safety course and go to a shooting range * I will take the art class Bobbi got me for my wedding shower (taking it on the 8th) * I will go on an actual vacation * I will attend at least 2 rennaissance faires I have never attended * I will try my hand at making my own bodice * I will start skating and training for Derby again * I will decide on a course of study and talk to the college * I will get my next tattoos * I will find a new family doc and get a check up and blood work done * I will watch less TV * I will take more weekend trips * I will keep my GPA at 3.0 or higher * I will throw an amazing Halloween party 2013 *


AndrĂ©ann said…
That's quite a list you have there!

Keep it going, you're doing great :)

I love the little pan on your staircase!

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