My life in pictures

Graduation from level one ATS with Sacred Shimmy Belly Dance

My new tattoo, Muninn. Huginn is still to come.

Workshop with Paulette Rees-Denis!

Hell City Tattoo Festival

A taxidermy bat head in a necklace. Bought from a jewelry vendor at hell city. I call him Bertram.

My sister, Traci and the amazing Enigma.
Ashville Viking Festival!

My husband the viking.

Me as a wench showing off my new sheep skin.

The gorgeous Abernathy dances while showing off Dark's Valkyrie Helmet.

Odin's Orchids

She belly dances as a viking long boat
The fabulous Amani Dancer showing off her skills.

More beautiful belly dance

Laylia dancer. One of my favorites in the world.

Me in my viking garb, borrowing Seth's helmet for a minute.
Beautiful henna'ed tambourine I won in the Ashville silent auction.

Me at the zoo on mother's day. Can you see my stegosaurus spiral plugs?
 That pretty much sums up what has been going on in my life recently. I have so much coming up too. Soon will be the Komen, dance events, faires, more 5ks, my first camping, belly dance intensives, a nephew and more. Can't wait to share.


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