Reflection under a full moon

Loss is a strange thing. This week the world lost quite suddenly a wonderful man, with whom I was acquainted. He was the original Viking from the Lost Vikings, a reenactment group I have been a member of for many years. He was the one who administered my test to become a pinned Ren Geek for being a member of the board alt.fairs.renaissance. He blew the horn for my husband when he joined the horde. He was an ever-present character at the Ashville Viking Festival and the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Eddval was an impressive and welcoming figure.
I mourn his loss in the strangest way. We were not close friends, but he was someone I had always hoped to get closer to. There just always seemed to be a reason that we could not go to events, or that we would not be around. But I always thought there was time, and now that the time has worn out I am mourning having let the opportunity pass me by. I wish I had been this mans friend. I wish I had asked him more questions. I wish I had truly known him.
Eddval was the best of the vikings and the best of men. May the gods bless him in Valhalla.


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