Magical Monday - Book of Shadows

Magical Monday

Rune of the Week: Wunjo - Joy, Bliss
I pulled  again, so I pulled a second rune for the week which is...

Peorth - Initiation, Mystery, Blessing, Luck, Divine Intervention, Beginnings, Talents and Creativity
Both of these speak of great things. I have some amazing plans this week, I am on vacation next week and I found out today that I got a bonus at work, so...
Card draw of the Week (from the Wild Wood Tarot):
11 The Woodward
Reading Points: Through adversity or the process of rebalancing in life, we find courage within ourselves that flows from an unknown source. Sometimes that courage has to do with facing unavoidable truth or dealing with a person or problem that no amount of physical confrontation or emotional bravery will resolve. The Woodward's strength, drawn from nature's inherent power to renew and overcome, is needed if we are to foresee what is to come and wait upon the turning of the seasons. Sometimes, when faced with a challenging situation, we must find our own inner backstop, the point from which we will not retreat or from which we can move forward with quiet confidence, The Wildwood ethos has much to teach humanity about calm, resolute strength.
Roots and Branches: Lughnassad - Llew or Lugh, guardian of the sacred spear also known as 'Many Skills' - Durga - Blessed compassion - The noble instinct of protection - Mercy - Maturity of the will and emotional direction - Sekhmet - Freya
Magical Monday Post: Book of Shadows
I recently pulled out my old, 3-ring-binder that has served as my BOS for years to play with it a bit and make some changes, etc. It has been about a month since I had been in, and pulling it out I found that something had gotten into it (probably a mouse, out house is over a hundred years old, and the little buggers get into the nooks and crannies whether we like it or not).  The end result was that many of the pages were ruined and many more partially so, which has resulted in me gutting it, and starting a new BOS.
I decided that this time I did not want to use a binder, but instead will switch to a journal style. I had fallen in love with a journal that came to my house through the Travelling art journal project, which was the Dylusions journal by Ranger. I found them at my local Michaels, and found to my delight that they have a larger size with 11 3/8" x 8 1/4" pages. So on Saturday I bought two of these lovely journals. And now I have a blank slate, and the ability to make my BOS whatever I want by starting again. Clearing out old thoughts and ideas, and  starting from scratch. So what do I want to create.
Have you ever started over on your BOS? What did you do? How did you approach it?
I have been pinning like a crazy woman. It is exciting to me. To approach it with new eyes and new perspective. To make a BOS that fits my magic and my life better. I am going to go get started.


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