Magical Mondays - Seeking a little chaos

Trying something new I am going to be making Magical Mondays a new feature. I am going to use this time to talk about witchy workings, thoughts, etc.
Rune of the week: Uruz - Auroch (Bison) - Strength and proving strength (manly), Creative force, Dross (forge)
Card of the week (from The Wild Wood Tarot):
Queen of Bows: Hare
Reading Points: A companion through life, sympathetic and understanding, leading you to a deeper awareness of what is needed to bring success to your every enterprise. Wise and witty, gentle and kindly, the Queen supports you and strengthens your resolve.
Together this sounds pretty promising, eh?
Magical Monday Post:
Looking for a little Chaos:
I just finished reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and it left me craving a little chaos in my life. She spoke of the Trickster, and how necessary that spirit is to keeping your creative side open and active.
I was raised by the most solid of Virgo's, who instilled in me a sense of practicality and grounding that at times overwhelms my creative, whimsical Pisces self. I often feel at odds with my own dreams and desires, because of the voice in my head that tells me to play it safe. Sometimes even my mother (the Virgo) will tell me to get out a live. Sad.
But reading Liz's words has really made me see that I need to get past my anxiety and live a little.
So I have decided to invite a trickster into my life. I have never worked with a Chaos deity because I was always afraid of what they might inspire in me. With that in mind, I have decided that maybe that is exactly the kind of energy that I need to get me pointed in the right direction as I feel like I am at a crossroads and cannot figure out which way to go.
Does anyone else work with a Trickster in their practice? Which ones and how has it influenced you?
Right now I am researching.
Loki seems an obvious choice, as I am dedicated to Odin, but I am not sure that I want to go with the obvious. Coyote appeals to me. As do a couple of others, but I need to continue my research before I make a decision. I am hoping to begin the work in the next week or so, and see what may come.
Here's to a little bit of chaos.
Blessed Be!


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