Magical Monday - On the move

Magical Monday


Rune(s) of the Week:
Tiwaz - Tir; Justice, guidance, navigation. The rune of focus and discipline.

Card(s) draw of the Week (from the Wild Wood Tarot):
Two of Bows - Decision:
Reading Points: The bows represents not just the potential energy latent within any situation, but the need to direct and manage that energy to achieve your goals. this can mean the first movement towards reinvigorating and reforming the relationship with life. It requires the decisive will to step  across a threshold and take control in a positive and proactive manner.
Page of Stones - Lynx:
Reading Points: Pay attention to the physical realm, and be aware of the effects generated by everything you do. A strain of wildness and lack of fore-thought can sometimes hamper your forward passage, but careful consideration redresses the balance.
Tracks and Pathways: Study and scholarship - School - Apprenticeship - Starting out - Carefulness - Reflection - Meditation - Observing others
Magical Monday - On the move

 I finished some more pages in my revamped BOS. One for Yggdrasil and the Norns, and one for Hel. I also made entries for the Runes and Magical uses of wood. All kinds of fun stuff.
I made the first step to finishing my bachelors degree this week, and I may be starting as soon as April 11. I think that makes sense with my draws above, don't you?


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