Magical Monday - Sprung for Spring

Magical Monday

Rune of the Week: Ingwaz - Ing: Fertility, Freyr, Ancestors, Royalty, Creativity -
You are feeling inspired and hopeful. Follow your enthusiasm because it lights the way toward your true potential. Your point of power is in the present, make a commitment to it now and the future will follow in due course.

Card draw of the Week (from the Wild Wood Tarot):
Page of Vessels - Otter
Reading Points: As a dreamer and a visionary, you weave a spell that few can resist. Your loyalty, devotion and sense of fair play mark you out as an individual whose will is tempered by profound understanding of the underworld.
Roots and Branches: Loyalty - Devotion - Study - Willingness to serve - Vision and contemplation - Cooperation - Perceptiveness
Magical Monday Post: Sprung for Spring
Today is my birthday! I am 35 today, and at the end of last week was having a minor meltdown about my age and such. I have calmed down and just come out of everything with a new sense of purpose. To celebrate a new year I found a Birthday Tarot Spread on Pinterest to get my year started  on the right track. I am using this spread:
My layout looked like this:
All Vessels/ Cups...Interesting?
1 Last Year: Seven of Vessels: Mourning -
Reading Points: Mourning begins the process of recovery after failure or bereavement. This process may even be unconscious, for we often do not realize what things were significant to us until they are gone. Mourning serves to ritualize the process of being at peace with loss and honor the passing of what is important and significant in a personal relationship.
2 Let go of this: Knight of Vessels: Eel -
Reading Points: With purity of intent, your destiny defined, you are able to bring wisdom and maturity to your tasks. Embarking on a quest of personal revelation, your vision leads you onward. Your deep feelings are expressed at every turn.
3 Gift: Four of Vessels: Boredom -
Reading Points: The universe responds favourably to a decisive, forward momentum, while boredom leaves a person in a state of inaction. There are many reasons for feeling disenchanted or trapped ion life. The causes of malaise and the feeling of being weathered by routine or beaten down by conflict are common, but in the end it is from ourselves that the first sparks of momentum must emanate.  - Challenge should not be feared; opportunity should be grasped and utilized to its natural limit.
4 Embrace This: 20 The Great Bear -
Reading Points: The only thing in life that is assured is that , if you wait long enough, it will change. How you survive that change and who you are after it is up to you. The major element in this process is judgement of yourself and others. This may relate to an assessment regarding a personal matter or situation, and could be linked to the process of forgiving.
5 Next Year: Six of Vessels: Reunion -
An emotional reunion can sometimes refer to the mystical Karmic cycles that bring lovers back through time, space and lifetimes. The purpose of this 'soul reunion' may be manifold but it can be to complete unfinished business or teach new lessons from old actions or wrong choices.
Very interesting!! I can certainly relate this to my life.
This week is the Spring Equinox, and we are having our Ostara Egg Decorating Party. It is one of my favorite things. Bringing friends and family together to celebrate and create. My beautiful nieces and I will also have some kind of ceremony, because they love to me involved. :)
Have a blessed Ostara!!


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