Magical Monday - Learning to Embrace Change

Magical Monday

Rune(s) of the Week:

Ehwaz: Horse: Do not take friendship for granted. Consider your loyalty towards those close to you, who may need your support now. Acknowledge the help of others and you will benefit from your alliance. 

Tarot Card(s) of the week:

3 Card Spread - Head, Heart Spirit 

Head: Ace of Bows: Spark of Life: By shaping, directing and persevering with the tool that both hunts and nurtures fire, we kindle the spark that starts the process of creation and empowerment. This takes skill, effort, commitment and persistence, but the universe always responds with enlightenment, challenge and opportunity. Be prepared to learn new skills, adapt to a changing environment and focus and tune your instincts to the task at hand. 

Heart: Seven of Bows: Clearance: All things must change and evolve, and however well prepared or carefully constructed your tools and skills, new challenges and obstacles may require rethinking and relearning. Change is a natural part of the process of renewal and although it can bed painful (pain brings change and change brings pain), it must be seen as a positive turn of the Wheel and necessary for new life to begin. By allowing the passing of the old and the clearing of the ground to take place with an element of welcoming and accepting change, the feelings of relief and poignancy may aid the healing process, giving comfort. 

Spirit: Four of Arrows: Rest: In this stressful and demanding world, we sometimes forget that rest is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle and sleep is a vital part of recuperation and the healing process. This primal mechanism is not just for the well-being of the body but the mind and imagination as well. Sometimes, inspiration and insight can also come through restful meditation and lucid dreaming.

**New** Totem for the Week:
from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson 
Illustrated by Angela C. Werneke

The Whale: Record Keeper: If you pulled the Whale card, you are being asked to tap into these records and to allow yourself to be sung to by those who have the original language. We are the only creatures who do not have a unique cry or call. Find yours. Allow your voice to use this song to release tension or emotion. Whale signals a time of finding your origins, of seeing your overall destiny as coded in your DNA, and of finding the sounds that will release those records. You may never be the same again. After all, you are the melody of the Universe, and the Harmony is the song of the other creatures. In using your voice to open your memory, you are expressing your uniqueness and your personal sound. As you open to this uniqueness, the animals that are your nine totems may then send their sounds or calls to you or through you. This will open your personal records so that you may further explore your soul's history and commune with Whale, who carries the history of us all.


It was another sucessful week in the psycho spiritual wheel of the year. Tonight is a reward night, so I have a bath bomb waiting for me. If you would like to join our merry band it is not too late, simply click this link to Kickass Witch and click on the psycho spiritual wheel of the year. 

I am going to be joining my friend Cris and Charlie, of Charliesaysgo on Youtube, for a Tea and Tarot on the full moon Friday. I am posting a video trailer below. If you want to join this there is an event page on Facebook. Here is the Link. This should be an amazing event, so you should definitely join. 

Beyond this, I am going to be getting things together for Earth Warriors Festival which begins next Thursday. I am so excited for this, I have been waiting all year. 



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