It's july...already?

It is July and it feels like this year has been flying by. July first was the one year anniversary of Seth and I moving into our house. The house, who turned 100 this year, is a magnificent brick monstrosity which is far to big for the 2 of us. I fell in love with all the fantastic woodwork and old charm though and we signed the papers May 28, 2009. Our official first night in the house wouldn't be until a month later. We used that month to paint and clean while it was empty. I love our house. It's not completely like I want it yet, but I am working and I will get it there.   Correction we will get it there. I'm not alone.

Last night we went to see Red, White & Boom at Huntington Park in downtown Columbus. The tickets were free through work but due to some mass construction we sat in traffic for 2 1/2 hours before we actually made it to the ball park. But we got there in time to eat and see the fireworks display which was so amazing. And getting home took no time at all. :) 

Tomorrow we are going to our friends house for a fourth of July party. For some reason I was convinced it was today, but I was wrong... it's tomorrow. I'm really excited though. Pictures to follow. :) 

Today I am going to work on my crafts for my two outstanding swaps and maybe my art journal a bit. I will post pictures of that later as well. Off to play now. I need to run to a couple of stores and grab a few things before I start. 


K.Michele said…
I love old houses! They have so much charm and history to them. Happy Birthday to your house, and happy anniversary to being in your house :)
D.Suplicki said…
Your house is awesome! Happy Birthday you beautiful brick antiquity and happy house-a-versarry to you. :)

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