Plans, plans and plans.

This weekend we are going to Pike Lake with my Mother and Sister to celebrate my sister's 19th birthday, which is tomorrow. We rented a cabin that has a full kitchen and such. I am excited to get away for a weekend, and just relax. There are hiking trails around the Lake and a beach, which is exciting since the new moon is this weekend. Going to do a small ritual while I am there. I am also hoping to get to work on my art journal a bit. I have the book I'm going to use and I bought a set of watercolors to play with. So I'm going to take them along and get started.

I am finally finished with my 10th kingdom swap pieces I think. I may make a couple of additional small pieces, but the largest piece is now complete. Onto the Jar of Whimsies swap. I am hoping we can hit some antique stores this weekend on the to and fro. I know what I am doing for the container, I just have to get working on it.

I am also thinking about taking a big leap soon. I am working on the details and need to do some research and calling and such but here soon my life could be taking a drastic turn. I will give more info soon.


J.Moehring said…
Have fun! Relaxing in a cabin sounds amazing! I hope your big leap starts to work out. I can't wait to find out what it is!!

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