Jar of Whimsies Spoiler... If you are PepperRose don't look!!!

I am so happy with how my pieces turned out for the Jar of Whimsy Swap that even though I have not actually mailed the package yet.
This is my jar... it was a storage box for silverware before I got it. My partner had a lot of Ouija board items on her wist so I made the top of the box into one.

And the inside of it... which I decoupaged with old sheet music.

The other pieces I crafted were two glass pendants. One is Star Wars themed and the other is Halloween/Supernatural one side is a Ouija Board and the other is a pin up style witch. 

I also crafted a couple of Day of the Dead shrinky dinks. 

And a Horror film/ Supernatural Bracelet inspired by my partners Wist

Some of the pictures are a little blurry but you can get the basic idea. 
And here are some random photos of Whimsies. 

Tomorrow night I am going to WaterFire Columbus and will hopefully get some amazing photos to share!! 
I will also post some pictures of my different finds from the past several weeks. :) 


Knickertwist said…
Wow! That's quite the whimsy package. I love what you did with the silverware box!
Andréann said…
The box is awesome! I'd love receiving all the little nicnaks too!
I love love love the ouija board pendant! I also dig the dia de los muertos shrinky dinks- I gotta get to work on my dia stuff. This inspires me :)
Rue said…
Drool! Love the pendants and the bracelet!
AlphaBetsy said…
Those are like a quarter of the actual whimsies included... just giving a taste. :) Thanks for the complements. I am really happy with how everything turned out!!
Róisín said…
Wow! Your swap partner is one lucky gal!
D.Suplicki said…
I want to be your swap partner next! ;) I ADORE that box and the charm bracelet.

And, I have a soft spot for whimsies.

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