Eating, Shopping and a Hair Cut... it was a good day.

I'm moving forward with the School thing, at least a little. I got my FAFSA filled out Friday night and sent in. I need to get some other things taken care of, and will get them done in the next week or so. I don't know if I am going to be able to  enroll for Fall or if I will have to wait until Winter Quarter. I need to go into the school and talk to admissions. I will hopefully be able to do that in the next week. 

Yesterday we had a full day. I decided at the beginning of last week that I wanted to get my hair cut this week, because it really needed it. My last hair cut was literally last Halloween. So Seth and I made a day of it. 

First we had lunch at Surly Girl Saloon which had amazing food. I have been really rocking out on my diet so while I still ate pretty healthy I let myself be spoiled a bit. Seth and I split the Hellfire Jalepenos. I ordered the Salmon with rice and black beans which was more decadent than it sounds, it had this amazing dill sauce and mandarin oranges on it, yum. I ate a big bite of Seth's Poblano Mashed Potatoes, which were amazing and then we split a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Amazing food and a fantastic atmosphere. We will definitely go back and bring others. 

After that we wandered up the street a bit hitting a couple of antique stores to look for whimsies for the Jar of Whimsy swap I am in. We also hit the Byzantium bead shop, which it seems is closing. That made me sad. It's just always been there. After that we continued up the road to Lucky 13 which is my current favorite place to get my hair cut. My hair got cut, not much mind you just an inch off the bottom and some layering, and we continued down the road hitting a few more antique stores. 

On the way home Seth took me to the Columbus State campus and showed me where to park and such for when I go over there to take my testing and meet with a councilor. I really feel good about my decision to go to school. I just need to work to make it happen. :) 

Tonight or tomorrow I will post pictures of some of my awesome finds from yesterday!! 


I set you up with an award on my site-

I think Fafsa should be able to get you through quickly becuase it is still early enough- if not, its not bad to start midyear.

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