Me A to Z.

The lovely Miss Cindy Lou at Elousions posted a post on herself A -Z and because I thought it seemed fund I decided to grab it and fill it out myself. So here you go with some things you might not have known about me. 

A.Age: 30
B.Bed size: Queen
C.Chore that you hate: Cleaning Bathrooms
D.Dogs: One... my long haired chihuahua, Zoe
E.Essential start to your day: Hug from my sweetie and a multi-vitamin. :) 
F.Favorite color: Bright Pink
G.Gold or Silver: Definitely Silver
H.Height: 5'6"
I.Instruments you play: I'm a singer (high-sporano) and I can plink things out on the piano a bit. 
J.Job title: Risk Analyst and Student
K.Kids: None for me. 
L.Live: Ohio, Columbus
M.Mother's name: Karla
N.Nicknames: I have never really had any nicknames... AlphaBetsy I suppose and spazgirl cuz that's my                                Craftster screen name. 
O.Overnight hospital stays: Only once when I was 6 or 7
P.Pet peeve: Bad drivers
Q.Quote from a movie: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. - The Princess BrideR.Right or left handed: Right
S.Siblings: 2 sisters from my Mother and 1 sister from my Father. 
T.Time you wake up: Weekdays: 6  Weekends: varies
U.Underwear: I am sadly obsessed with Walmart Halloween Panties, and buy a bunch every year... lol 
V.Vegetable you hate: Peas...they go squish in your mouth. 
W.What makes you run late: Breaking my routine. 
X.X-Rays you've had: teeth, chest, broken nose
Y.Yummy food that you make: Mashed Potatoes, chocolate chip cookies, 
Z.Zoo animal: Otters!! I love otters. And Polar Bears. 

Hope you enjoy this little look into my life and times. :) I have a big weekend coming up. Tomorrow night my mom, sister Traci and Traci's friend Corey are all coming to town to go with me to the Columbus Arts Festival. I will try to get lots of pictures of all the beauty there. Saturday is, of course, Warrior Dash. I will have a lot of photos and reactions to that on Sunday. I hope I survive. It's supposed to be 90 degrees that day. Yikes that's hot. Everyone have a great weekend. 



Rebekka Seale said…
I looove the background on your blog!
Rue said…
Lol - I love the Halloween undies confession! Awesome.

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