Two years later...

Today is the two year anniversary of this blog. :) Yep it was two years ago today that I decided to jump into the world of blogging not really even knowing what that meant. And it has been a great two years. I have gotten to know so many amazing people from all across the globe and it is a beautiful thing.
In case you were curious, this is my very first post.  Funny how much things can change, rearrange, be reevaluated and rejected in two years, isn't it?

And where am I today?

Well I am working on changing my major to English, so I can transfer to a four year college to continue my bachelor's, master's and possibly phd. We shall see. I am going to start applying for scholarships like mad so that after the wedding I can hopefully start attending class full time and work part time (if at all) to finish my degree.

Seth is still looking for work after being laid off at the beginning of the year. The biggest issue is that he is not going to find a job that pays as well as his previous job, and that is frustrating for him. I think he will find something soon though. I am going to make him help me with a job finding spell soon. It is time. I let him do things his way for a while, but now I am helping out. Getting some good energy flowing that way can not hurt a thing.

I decided about 2 weeks ago to switch from the momentum program for weight watchers to the new points plus program. I liked the more balanced feel of points plus, and, really, they were kind of forcing your hand as everything in moving to points plus now. So I switched and in the last two weeks I have lost over 5 pounds. In fact I have only 5 pounds to lose in order to hit my next goal and 75 pounds lost. When I started on my weight loss journey I was 275 pounds and wore a size 22. Today I weigh 205 and wear a size 16. It's not as fast as it could have been, but I am pretty damn proud of how far I have come.

I am doing fairly well with my goals. My bouquet just needs some extras and I can start assembling. I need to make an appointment with the councilors at school to get my major changed, but that should be able to happen soon.

1) fly a kite (yep it's still here)
2) get a massage
3) reach one-derland
4) scrapbook 2011
5) get piercings
6) assemble bouquet
6b) bouquet for Shmoo, and boutonnieres/corsages
7) take fitness class (bought one through Groupon, just need to get it scheduled.)
8) go to gallery hop
9) Hold craft night for wedding.
10) Find fabric for men's weddings vests
11) make/order wedding invitations
12) Eat at 5 restaurants I have never tried 1 2 3 4 5
13) Get addresses for invitations
14) Make out invitations
15) Plan birthday shopping trip weekend with Mom and Shmoo
16) Find fabric for wedding jacket
17) Meet with school to discuss change to semesters, major change, etc.
18) Start applying for scholarships
19) do something super fun for New Years
20) have awesome birthday dinner party
21) send out save the dates
22) figure out vows


Toriz said…
Happy bloggerversary!

And congrats on having lost so much weight!
Rachel said…
Congratulations! Happy 2nd Bloggerversary.

Rachel x
Wulf said…
Wishing you happy blogging as you go into your third year. Keep up with the lists - I especially love them!
Diandra said…
Happy blogging anniversary!
Danni said…
Happy bloggy birthday! Congratulations on accomplishing so many of your goals and achieving such incredible weight loss, too!

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