March Maddness

This has absolutely nothing to do with basketball. Sorry if that is disappointing to anyone.

It is March. My birthday month. Seth's birthday month. One of my favorite months. And as usual a super busy month. I will be posting a lot and sharing a lot, so just for fun I thought I would give you a quick overview of March. In order by occurrence my month is going to look a bit like this.

Oral exam for spanish, Biometric screening, Hafla, Burlesque show, Hockey game, Pi day 5k, Ohio Roller Girls, Boot camp starts, Psych exam, My birthday, Spanish exam, St. Patrick's Day, Birthday shopping day with mom and sister, Ostara,  Egg decorating party, dinner for Seth and I's birthday with friends, Seth's birthday.
And that is March. So far.


Queenie Believe said…
A wonderful month for a birthday!! Happy early birthday!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
Karla said…
Wow! that is a busy month! I did no know 'que hablas EspaƱol!'. Mucha suerte en tu examen :)

Also, biometrics? My husband and I went through that when he came from Spain.

Looking forward for you to share all the goodies you get for your birthday!! And obviously, my best best birthday wishes for you :)

AlphaBetsy said…
Queenie - Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Karla - Hablo espanol un poco. I am in a beginning Spanish class. As long as I get my C, which shouldn't be a problem, I will be moving on to level 2. :)
Diandra said…
Wow, you are going to be pretty busy!
Toriz said…
A busy month indeed!

Happy early birthday!

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