Being 31...thoughts on goals and much more

And it's my birthday. I am officially 31. I have had an amazing couple of years coming into this age. I am engaged to a man who makes me truly happy. I have gotten my weight under control and get healthier everyday. I am going to school and doing really well, maintaining an A and B average. My mother is healthier than ever and has gotten her weight under control. My little sister has a new job that she loves and is getting her health under control. Life is generally really good right now.

I did not do as well with my goals this time as I had in the past. I got a lot of the wedding stuff done, but a lot of the personal things got pushed aside. I will get to them in time I have no doubt. I am going to begin rolling out my next set of goals and decide what my completion date will be. I am going to do a couple of carry overs, but I really want to try to come up with a set of new goals. Things I hadn't thought of before. Any ideas? Please share.

1) fly a kite (yep it's still here)
2) get a massage
3) reach one-derland - I am so close. I may hit it in the next week. 
4) scrapbook 2011 - I got all the pictures printed and scrapbooked through May. 
5) get piercings
6) assemble bouquet - just need to get some fill in pieces and this will start. 
6b) bouquet for Shmoo, and boutonnieres/corsages - see above
7) take fitness class (bought one through Groupon, just need to get it scheduled.)
8) go to gallery hop
9) Hold craft night for wedding.
10) Find fabric for men's weddings vests
11) make/order wedding invitations
12) Eat at 5 restaurants I have never tried 1 2 3 4 5
13) Get addresses for invitations
14) Make out invitations
15) Plan birthday shopping trip weekend with Mom and Shmoo
16) Find fabric for wedding jacket
17) Meet with school to discuss change to semesters, major change, etc.
18) Start applying for scholarships
19) do something super fun for New Years
20) have awesome birthday dinner party
21) send out save the dates
22) figure out vows - started but not finished yet

Okay... I got quite a bit done, but not everything. I still feel like I am accomplishing things. Everyone should go have a cupcake for me today though. :) Celebrate. I am.


Danni said…
Happy, happy birthday Betsy! I hope you have a fantastic day. :)

As for new goals, I wrote down around 100 things I'd like to do; both teeny and big and no matter how 'dumb' I thought they might be and then narrowed it down from there.
Diandra said…
Happy birthday! Okay if we have a slice of pi pie for you?
Queenie Believe said…
{eh hem... me me me me meeeeee}
Happy Birthday to youuuuuu
Happy Birthday to youuuuuu
Happyeeee Birthdayaaaaaa dear
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu
-and many more!-
You got more that half your goals done!! I think thats awesome!!!
Hope your special day is great!
Always, Queenie
Toriz said…
Happy birthday!

It's too late to find cupcakes around here, but I had some homemade cookies earlier; can I say those were for you?

Don't know about new goals; really those kinds of things are personal, I think.

Speaking of though, I thought you already got the fabric for your jacket and the men's vests?
AlphaBetsy said…
Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Other than having a sinus infection it has been a good one.

Toriz - I did get the fabric and they should be crossed out. :) Thanks for keeping an eye on me.
LuLu Kellogg said…

Knickertwist said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry it's a day late. Hope you had a grand day. BTW I don't think that list looks too shabby! Be proud of the things you did and look forward to completing the ones that are still there.
Kathie Truitt said…
So you got quite a bit crossed of your list. I wanna talk about piercings. I want so BAD to have a teeny, tiny diamond stud in my nose. I just might do it, too.
Toriz said…
No problem. :)

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