I love Hockey!!

I work for a regional bank who happens to sponsor the Columbus Blue Jackets. And they offered all of their employees free tickets to Tuesday nights game against the Phoenix Coyotes. My mom and sister had never been to a game so I got all 4 of my free tickets and all of us went last night to see the game. The tickets were awesome. It was the closest I have ever been at a hockey game. So cool. Here are some shots of the action.

Me, Stinger (the blue jackets mascot) and Traci


Toriz said…
That's awesome! I'm not a hockey fan myself, but I'm happy you got to enjoy the game! :)
Jerra said…
Very cool! :)I love watching Hockey on youtube, they dont really have it here in the UK! I'm a pittsburgh penguins girl personally! I would love to go to a game one day, it looks like you loved it :)


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