The spoils of birthday!!

So... I am officially sick, though now medicated so hopefully on the mend. I have an upper respiratory infection and tonsilitis, so I am on  an antibiotic and a nasal spray. I am still planning to do my birthday shopping day with my mom and sister tomorrow. I may still be hacking and coughing, but I will still have fun. I just refuse to give up one of my favorite yearly events just because I'm sick. :)

I wanted to share some of the awesome gifts I received from my friends and family for my birthday.
My friend Janet got me an amazing Kermit the Frog messenger bag. I love it and I'm carrying it everywhere.

Seth got me a personalized Saints jersey (I'm a saints fan), three new Jack of Fables books, an expansion pack for the card game Gloom (which is a great game), and an itunes gift card. 

My mom and sister got me a beautiful pair of silver , aquamarine and diamond earrings, a pair of awesome black feather and rhinestone earrings, a velvet shirt with lace and a black sweater. 

Don't mind the peek of foot there, lol. 

I will have more to post later in the weekend, but I wanted to share all my awesome birthday swag. 

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes.


K.Michele said…
Happy birthday! Hope you get better fast and have a fabulous shopping trip!
Kathie Truitt said…
Wow. You got some good loot there, huh? I'm sorry your sick though. Stinks to be sick on your birthday, hope you feel better for shopping. I love your style by the way.
Queenie Believe said…
Awesome birthday treasure, enjoy!!!
I certainly hope you have a speedy recovery and feel better spiffy quick!!!
Always, Queenie
Toriz said…
Looks like you had a good haul there! :)

Hope you're feeling better really soon!

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