March Hafla

Last night I met up with several of my friends to go to the March hafla for Bellydance Columbus where we all take or have taken classes. The event was moved kind of last minute to a conference room in a hotel, so my friends and I met in the bar to have a drink before partaking in the belly dance greatness. The hafla consisted of several performances mixed with times of open dancing. Here are some okay photos I took with my phone of the beautiful dancers. 

The beautiful Chandara. She is my instructor. 

A beautiful tribal fusion dancer. I didn't catch her name. 

More of the unknown tribal dancer

This troop did a bellydance hip-hop fusion.

Lovely and graceful cabaret dancer Athena

Sophia Sahar...beyond amazing and so beautiful. 

This made me miss belly dancing so much. I can't wait to get back into regular classes. 


Toriz said…
Sounds like an awesome time! :)
Queenie Believe said…
Belly dancing is a beautiful dance form and sooooo good for the abs. I always thought it would be fun to learn ... that and flamenco dance!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

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