10 people and 9 dozen eggs equals...

Our egg decorating party. It started at 1 pm on Saturday and our last guest left about 8:30 pm. Our atendees were my mom, sister Traci, Cliff, Jerry, Chris, little Moira, Julie, Juliana, Seth and Myself. It was way too much fun and is going to become a yearly thing I have no doubt. Here are some of the images of egg art.

Cliff painting the maze egg

Traci paints a shiny yellow egg

Mom wearing the bunny ears I bought us. Lol. 

Traci looks confused. 

Vampire bunny egg by Cliff. 

Miss Moira shows off her pink egg. 

Busting a glitter filled egg on Traci's head.

Traci returns the favor

That is a lot of glitter. 

So many eggs

Egg trees. 

Cliff egg by Jerry

Jerry with Jerry egg by Cliff

Traci made a bunny

Julie's unicorn and Juliana's flowers

Dragon egg by Cliff ... paper mache

Dwarf by Cliff ... paper mache

Eyeball by Cliff ... paper mache

Cracked egg became Jason via Jerry

Bandito by Jerry

Cliff by Jerry 

Old military police by Jerry

Maze egg by Cliff

Sith Lord by Jerry

Ninja by Cliff and Jerry

Incredible Hulk by Jerry

Ninja Turtle - Leonardo by Jerry 

Adam from Mythbusters by Jerry

Jerry by Cliff

Initial egg by me. 

Octopus by me

Gir drawn by Jerry painted by me. 


Zombie Queen said…
How fun!! Those are some seriously awesome eggs :)
Zombie Queen said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
AlphaBetsy said…
I know... my friends are seriously talented. :)
Toriz said…
Sounds like an awesome party!
Queenie Believe said…
What a fun Idea for a party!! Looks like a fun time was had and the eggs are awesome, soooo creative!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
Magaly Guerrero said…
I love the vampire and the dwarf bunnies and your mom's bunny ears. Too sweet!
Carousel Dreams said…
Oh wow! Looks like you guys had an eggcellent time - sorry, bad egg humour! Truly, those creations are amazing - looks like a fun day...thanks for stopping by my blog - happy Easter to you my friend x

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