It's someone's birthday.

And that someone is Sadie Xandra, my beautiful niece, who was born this morning at 1:04am. I left class early tonight in order to run to the hospital so I could meet her. Oh so beautiful.

Congratulations to Chris and Niki. Your daughter is gorgeous and I cannot wait to spoil her rotten. 


Nichola said…
What a sweet little bundle! She's a peach.
Congratulation to the couple :)
What a beautiful lady!
Ohhh how wonderful!!! Congratulations to the parents and to auntie Betsy!! Enjoy her as they grow so fast!

(for a moment I thought it was your baby!!
Toriz said…
Welcome to the world Sadie, and congrats to the proud parents!
Queenie Believe said…
Congratulations!!! What a sweetie-pie-cutie-pie!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

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