Tying-the-Knot Tuesday

We are under 5 months to go until the big day. I am pretty much beginning to panic, but I am trying really hard to stay at least semi-sane. I went to a friends wedding a couple of weekends ago and it kept making me think of things that I hadn't even begun to plan yet. Ack. I thought I had things pretty well in hand, but apparently not. Sigh.

We are still working on a caterer, which is important because we need to feed people. I think we found one, or at least have something of an idea, so we shall see. We are also still working on what the men are going to wear. The great news is that I think I found a place that has really reasonable kilts for Seth and his brother. And they have affirmed the awesome, so now we just have to get the measurements and get them ordered. We also began buying the decorations for the ceremony and reception hall. I love how things are coming together. We are getting this amazing look going that is just awesome and very us.

We had another wedding crafting night the other night. It was small (mom, shmoo, Seth and me), but mighty. We got a lot more button flowers and such done. They are gorgeous. Now we just have to put together Shmoo's bouquet, boutonierres for Seth, Chris, Mark (Seth's dad), my dad, and Seth's Grandpa, and corsages for my mom, Seth's mom, and both of Seth's grandmothers. My bouquet went together so well, that I don't think these will take long at all.

Working hard. 

Oh, so many buttons. 

Very pretty Shmoo 

Whatcha working on.

Seth utilizing one of his beautiful flowers.

Pieces to hang on the ends of the rows for the ceremony. 

Things are coming along, and are going to start moving faster soon I know. I just hope I can make it through. :)


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