Mom's present and a busy week

Mother's day this year also was the two year anniversary of my mom's remission from breast cancer. For her mother's day gift my little sister and I went in together to get mom a survivor tattoo. My little sister drew the initial design and had taken it to an artist she had worked with previously and he drew it up for us. Then on Sunday we surprised mom with a trip to the tattoo parlor. 

The line drawing. It says 2009-2010 Survivor

Mom in the chair with me lurking behind her. 

Zach getting to work on the tattoo. 

Mom smiling through the pain with me lurking in the background again. 

Zach still working away. 

Filling in the color. 

The tattoo right after the artist finished. 

The final product. It's clearer than this I promise, stupid camera phone. 
Tomorrow night my mom is joining me to go to a poetry reading that I have to attend for my creative writing class.This Friday my mom, Traci and I are going to go get pedicures, because we are totally addicted. On Saturday we are all walking in the Komen again. The pink poodles are reunited, with the addition of my friend, Janet. It is going to be a blast I know and we are planning to Dance Walk at least part of the way. I plan to take far too many photos, so expect a giant post for that. Later that same night we are having our second wedding craft night at the house, and breaking in our new grill. Expect yet more photos from that. On Sunday I am sleeping in, and maybe staying in my pj's all day.


Toriz said…
That's great about your Mom being a survivor, and a great tattoo idea!

Sounds like you have some great plans for the week!

If you enjoy poetry; don't forget there's a giveaway going on over on my blog to do with the release of my book of poetry. The giveaway runs until May 31st, and can be found at
Toriz said…
P.S. Hope the poetry reading goes well!
You girls are the best! I am so glad your mom is doing good. I know what it is to have a parent with cancer, but I also know how is to have one cured' :) Very cute tat! your sis is a great Artist!
Jerra said…

That tattoo and meaning are truly beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us!

(Sorry about the random comments scatters everywhere, I'm just catching up!)

Jerra xx

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