Viking Festival...where I become totally focused on the belly dancers, lol.

The 10th annual Ashville Viking Festival was this weekend past, and I had a fabulous time as always. Saturday was gorgeous, but I forgot my camera and my phone (How in hell did that happen?) so we got only one photo taken with Seth's phone. And that is of me rocking one of my new bodices. This is the black Brigantine from Odd Bodkin, as mentioned in a previous post.

We went back on Sunday, with my mom, my sister and  the camera, and it rained on and off all day. By the end my skirt was so heavy I could barely carry it around anymore. Sheesh, I got some great pictures of some of the performers though, because it wasn't raining where they are. :) A lot are of the belly dancers, because I am jealous and want to start dancing again. 

We also bought some amazing pieces and got two gorgeous art pieces in the silent auction. I bought a new goblet for me, a coupld of amazing wooden plaques, and my mom bought me a fabulous yarn skirt for belly dancing (with a promise that I start dancing again). We won an amazing crossstitched Thor, and an etching or three gargoyles.
Tree of Life Goblet


The Fates/Norns

Belly Dance Skirt

Look...Little Bells:)

Thor...remember this is cross stitched!! 


All in all it was a fabulous weekend!!


Wulf said…
I love the yarn skirt - it'll be fun to dance in. And Thor! Wow!
AlphaBetsy said…
I cannot wait to dance in that skirt. My mom made me a tassel belt that will go with it perfectly too. :)

And photos do not do Thor justice. It is an amazing piece and I am so happy to own it.
Anonymous said…
Hi, my names is Leanna and I happened to have made your hip scarf. Do you mind if I post a link here from our site show it off.
AlphaBetsy said…
Absolutely not, Leanna!! :
Link away!!

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