My Gardens

My mom and sister have been coming over to help me create and enlarge some of my flower beds. It was a huge job, but it was totally worth it. They look so much better now. And the red mulch helped a lot too. We are working on things little by little. :)

My little lilac...he's coming along

a new poppy for this year. 

Big new flower bed. 

We sprinkled a ton of wildflower seeds in there. 

Herb Garden and tomato plants Seth brought home from school.

Herbs, including a new lemon grass plant and cilantro

Baby Rosemary

Baby tomato plants in colorful cages. 

Gooseneck loosestrife


Wulf said…
If you can grow lemongrass in your backyard, I want to come live in the South too!
Magaly Guerrero said…
The garden looks lovely. I bet it will be a sight to behold as if fills up.

I just picture three women who love each other working together in a garden--it made me smile ;-)

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