Dreams of Vegas

So...Seth an I never got to go on a honeymoon last year due to his layoff. We decided then that for our 1 year anniversary that we would go somewhere to celebrate. We tossed around many ideas but we finally decided on

We got an amazing deal, so we will be staying at Circus, Circus for 6 nights. With that and airfare out and back we payed about $955.00. And you just can't beat that. We chose to pay less for a hotel, because we don't figure we will be in it much, and it lets us afford to see a couple of shows and do some of the attractions. 

We know we would like to see a Cirque show while we are out there, probably Ka. We also found out the Bodies exhibit will be showing while we are out there, so we would like to do that since we missed it while it was in Columbus. We also want to ride some of the roller coasters, like the one on NY, NY. 

I would also like to do the zip line that takes you under Fremont St, but we shall see. 

I am beyond excited though. It has been years since I took a real vacation, and I haven't flown since I was 6 or 7. I am starting to amass a collection of little black dresses to wear while I am out there. Seth thinks I am utterly insane. I know I should buy them as I find them though, so he can deal. My mom bought me a fabulous one the other day too, lol. The one she got me looks like this.  
It looks gorgeous on, and I cannot wait to wear it. I need a couple of pairs of fabulous shoes to go with it now. 

I am beyond excited for this. I can't wait til October. 


Wulf said…
There used to be a re-creation of King Tutankhamen's tomb in the basement of the Luxor (that's the pyramid-shaped hotel). Worth seeing if it's still there, and if not, the architecture itself is interesting. I've told by many people that the best thing to do in Las Vegas is to leave it; that is, to rent a car and drive out to the desert for a day.
Magaly Guerrero said…
Make sure that all the fabulous shoes you get for the fantastic black dresses are nice and comfy. Vegas is never as fun if you don't get to walk and walk the strip (or maybe that's just me lol)

And I'm with Wulf on the drive to the desert if you can, especially at night... nothing like it.

I can't wait to see all the pics!
Anonymous said…
So exciting! It's a ways off yet but I hope you have a fantabulous trip! And I totally 2nd Magaly about the comfy but fabulous shoes!

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