Beltane Love ( just a little late, but so fabulous who cares? )

I received in the mail today a beyond fabulous package from the amazing and uber-talented P_E_S_T in the Craftster Beltane WWP Swap. I cried, literally, and then called my mom to tell her how amazing this package was. It is really that cool.

First there was a card, with a kitty. 

And inside the card it said

Here is what all the fabulous parcel's looked like

Inside Parcel #1 I found
"she birthed a landscape"

Can you believe the detail? 

Inside parcel #2 was...
Ribbons on clothespins. With wishes painted on them. 

And when added to my holiday "tree" 

Found in parcel #3 was...
This was inspired by a quote from my "about me" 

"I can say things to you in writing that I would never say aloud."

And in parcel #4

So I can create my own yarn flowers. 

I was so excited that I had to share with everyone else. I am in love with every piece and that Goddess will have a happy home on my altar. She is so beautiful.



Queenie Believe said…
What awesome treasure!!! Enjoy!
Thanks for stopping by queenie's wee blog.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

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