Scouting for Tea Party places

On Saturday I met my mother at the Inniswood Garden Metroparks to go walking. I was scouting a possible location for my mad tea party this year. I decided that this year I am going to invite others to come play and I wanted to hold the party somewhere beautiful and oudoors. Inniswood more than meets that criteria. Their picnic area is outside the actual gardens, but I think it is going to work anyway. Watch for more on that to come. I have big plans and if I can pull it off it will be amazing. 

While we were walking we caught a flash of something white running among the trees and leaf litter.

An albino squirrell. He stopped and let me take several pictures, used to the paparazzi I have no doubt. He was truly beautiful. The pictures do not do him justice, trust me. 


Wulf said…
Albino squirrels are quite special, I think. There's a small colony of them here in Toronto. (And getting smaller, apparently, as albinism is linked to poor eyesight, which makes them vulnerable to traffic.) The city even named a street in the area "White Squirrel Way".

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