And we're off...

When I woke up this morning I had absolutely no plans for the 9am I had made dinner plans for tonight, plans to go garage sale-ing with my mom, little sister and the puppies tomorrow, probably grab lunch with the ladies and Seth and then later in the night Seth and I will be going to the Movie Tavern to see Shrek in 3D. Added to that I am now angeling for the organizer in the Roller Derby Swap as she was flaked on, still working on my Litha swap package which I would really like to get out early next week and before the weekend is out should have my partner for The 10th Kingdom swap...busy crafting bee is what I'm going to be.

 The derby swap I should be able to knock out fairly fast. I have a couple of fun ideas of what to do. I am working on one piece for the Litha swap but considering we are supposed to be making 3 smalls and I just keep working on the one item I think I am going a little overboard. I may need to stop for a minute step back and regroup. I may have to abandon the current piece and work on three actual smalls or even mediums. oops. I also need to make the card for Litha, but that should be really easy so I'm not fretting too much. The 10th kingdom swap I have some loose ideas for but don't want to get attached to any until I see what my partners tastes are. I so love Craftster swaps. :) 


Zombie Queen said…
I <3 craftster swaps, too. Talk about addicting!

Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you :)

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