What better way to exercise...

Than with a trip to the zoo. We decided to get up early this morning and go to the zoo for a bit as we have a membership and  can get in free. We went to see our new Polar Bear exhibit and we did , oh they are so cute. But somehow I was so taken with them that I did not manage to get any pictures, sigh... but I did get pictures of the otters, a beautiful dragonfly, a frog, a pallas cat and a tiger . I also rescued a dragonfly while we were there it was banging into one of the glass enclosures and little kids kept poking it, so I gently picked it up and took it outside where it dive bombed a man walking by...oops. He looked really shocked and said "What the hell was that?" I explained and apologized but I thought it was really funny. I thought I would share my pictures with you though.

Tomorrow is Litha. I have never had a very strong connection to this holiday but I am trying to change that. I am planning to eat a nice summer vegetable based dinner with Seth and then do a private ritual for myself. I'm hoping I may be able to get outside for that but there isn't a lot of privacy in my yard. :( Hopefully someday we can get a privacy fence to fix that but for now. I really need to have a good purging fire. I have some old spell pieces that need disposed of and old herbs. A fire pit is high on my list of priorities for the future. 


Andréann said…
Have an happy litha lady!
those pictures are nice!

...You don't need to feel 100% connected to all holidays, its normal (imo) to like some more than others! You're not a ceremonial wiccan after all ;)

I personally feel really connected to Litha, as you must have read somewhere... But I don't feel connected to Imbolc of Lughnasad somehow. I'm working on those as well!

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