I'm sitting here staring at a shiny new 4" black heavy duty binder. This binder is going to be transformed into my new Book of Shadows soon. I can't help but wonder if I will love it as much as I loved my previous one. My soon to be retired binder was decoupaged by be, but then I had my little sister help me draw witchy symbols on it. I'm going to miss it, and the part of my life it represented. I feel like this is the end of an era, and maybe it's a good thing. Maybe this is the start to a much needed purge and update to every aspect of my life.

Here is the thing, the real issue...I absolutely fear change. If I know I am doing something the least bit risky I have a nasty tendency to freak out. This is a piece of me I absolutely know I need to work on, because I get stuck and then I get wenchy and miserable. But I am getting better about it, I bought a house last year and I am getting ready to possibly take a huge leap... so I guess I fear change but embrace it. Sometimes change is good. 


D.Suplicki said…
If you aren't ready to give up your old binder, use it for something else! Maybe a tarot journal? I like to keep track of my daily card pulls and readings in a journal myself.

And change can be totally good, but I'm not about to lecture you. Something about me being a pot and you being a kettle... ;)

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