I survived the weekend.

And it was a full one.

We saw Concrete blonde at the Newport on Friday Night. We got some furniture from a friend of ours and picked it all up on Saturday. He gave us three good sized chests, an antique cabinet thing that I have some great ideas for and then some plastic pieces and bins for craft stuff. I am going to paint a lot of it and  clean it up,  so expect pics soon. : ) Saturday night we went to a party at my friend Ashley's house, got to catch up with some friends had a great time, though I overindulged a bit on the Alcohol. Oops. On Sunday I woke up feeling every bit of what I drank the night before, but got over it pretty fast and got my Litha package and the Angel package for the Roller Derby swap done. Woo-hoo!!

On Monday I officially started my weight loss/ get healthier plan. Last year at some point I bought a kit off of ebay with all the Weight Watchers books and the point calculator. With that the woman who sold it also gave all the information on how to figure up your points, etc. So...I figured up the number of points for me and started that on Monday. It's amazing how quickly the mindset takes, because I can already feel myself really thinking about what I am eating and making better choices. And this is just day 2. I currently weigh 275 pounds and my goal weight is 175 so I have 100 pounds to lose. I know it is absolutely doable I just have to buckle down and work at it.

Now I just need to come up with an exercise plan that works for me. I would love to go skating all the time, but there isn't a good place to do that near my house. Though I may try to go to the rink once a week or so. I would also love to get a gym membership.

And I have decided on what my ultimate goal is. I love classic pin-ups, ala Vargas and my goal will be to have a pin-up style photos taken of myself. I can decide what style and theme later, although I have some ideas. Here's a couple of inspirational pin-ups!!


Zombie Queen said…
I am totally going to steal your idea for the pin up shoot!!! I've officially completed week one of my body and mind makeover. I've lost 5 lbs. but more importantly, I'm listening to my body. I've started eating way healthier, tracking what I eat online and exercising daily. I feel sooo much better. I even bought some skates, helmet and pads. My plan is to practice with the local derby league once a week. The practices are so dang far away (about an hour and 20 minutes) that once a week is the most I'd be able to do. But, I really want to get into roller derby!

I have some WW stuff like cook books and such if you want them. Let me know! WW really does work.
AlphaBetsy said…
One of my goals is Derby as well!!! I got through day one of try outs last year but wrenched my knee and couldn't do day two which was actual skating. I was so out of shape though, that it would have been really hard for me. I'm hoping I can shape up and try again in the next year or so. Have fun!! Even if it is only one day a week.

I'm glad things are going well for you as well!! Keep up the good work.

I'm doing really well with the WW. I think it is a good option for me because it gives me freedom to eat what I want but keeps me in line. And I'm already eating better and healthier.

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