Thrift Store Finds

I went to the Ohio Thrift Store on Friday Night, and it was an amazingly good find day. I spent $24 total and I bought the following.
An Awesome Silver Tray. 
A tarnished but beautiful tea set with three goblets, all silver plated.
An awesome bottle with Bacchus on it. 
And a clear glass tea set for blooming teas. :) 

Life is going good. I'm still losing weight. My current weight loss total is 35.5 pounds. Going strong. And my friend Janet and I decided tonight that we are going to do the Warrior Dash in June. Basically it's a "race" with an obstacle course in it. And they encourage costumes and silliness, so we have decided we have to do it. I am really excited by the idea. :) 

I got my second English essay back today and was really excited that I got a 98% on it. Hell Yeah. I am so freakin' excited by that. Which means I should be getting an A in the class. Rock!! I have a Math test tomorrow night, but I am feeling pretty confident about the concepts on it, so it should go well. 

More later...


I love the bacchus flask! good job on your grades!
Knickertwist said…
Good going on the weight loss and congrats on the great essay results.

My husband would die for that flask! If you ever consider parting with it let me know and we can try to work something out!

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