And the Holiday's have started...

This weekend we put up all of our holiday trees. The giant one in the dining room decorated in blue and silver. The small black and white tree in the foyer. And finally the multi-color tree in the living room. I was feeling pretty holiday here, until I went to my mom's house Monday. She literally has every room in her house decorated. There were little peeking displays everywhere. So very holiday spirity. I need more holiday decorations I think. lol.

Today I got an almost irrepressible urge to make paper chains and put them all over my house, so I think I am going to. I will run to Michaels tomorrow for pretty paper and go crazy for the Holidays. :) I'm in a very holiday mood.

I bought myself two new holiday cd's this week. I got the new Annie Lennox, which is great if you like Annie Lennox. I also found the Cyndi Lauper Holiday album which is not new and I didn't even know existed until I found it at half-price. The clerk checking me out was totally jealous of my Sometimes I feel like a bad witch because I just love christmas carols/music.


Knickertwist said…
I think I have holiday fever too. The holiday spirit seems to be overflowing this year. I say WOO HOO! Rock on! Let's all get crazy making paper chains and stringing popcorn! It's like a sugar high... only with glitter and Bing Crosby ;)
D.Suplicki said…
Did you just say Cyndi Lauper has a holiday album?? I think I need to go shake down someone at Best Buy and find it. I LOVE her!

I've been bitten by the holiday fever bug but have so very few decorations. It's time to get crafty and pull out the glitter! :D
I'm feeling very festive this year too! too bad I am also feeling a bitlazy and decorating sounds like a chore. I like your idea of multiple trees
Rue said…
I love Christmas music too. Mostly the instrumental or the "good old boys" like Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra. I would probably love the Annie Lennox one - she is amazing!

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