A Winter Zoo Trip.

Tonight Seth and I braved the cold (it's below freezing here) and went to the Columbus Zoo for their Holiday Wildlights. As members we get in for free so we wanted to make sure we got there at least once this year. As we entered I went straight to the gift shop because it was so cold my hat was just not cutting it as ear protection so I bought one of those microfiber headband ear warmer things (technical term). During this season the zoo has to make a small fortune on winter gear because of people like me who come out completely unprepared. :) After that we bought hot chocolate in a light up insulated mug, because I had to have one. Finally we walked around to look at the lights. We only stayed an hour and a half or so because of the cold, but here are some photos of the beautiful lights. I am especially in love with the northwind lights...it had more lights that made it look like it was blowing, so cool. Oh... and there is a photo of Seth and I with a holiday frog. I love frogs. :)

And one more picture... this is not my best photo, but this is me in the amazing hat. Very 1920's. I am thinking of bobbing my hair just because of it. lol. 


Rue said…
Love the hat! And the lights are pretty - looks like you had fun!

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