More Holiday Joy.

This weekend was our Ladies of the family holiday get together, what we called Cricket's Christmas Tour (Cricket was my Grandma's nickname). It all started at 10am at my house. There was me, my mom, my sister Traci, my aunt Cathy, my aunt Gayle, my cousin Mandy, my cousin Lynsi and her daughter Kynadey. Everyone checked out my decorations, which was the whole point of the tour really, and I gave everyone a gift of a Hearth Cricket that I ordered from Victorian Trading Company. They were really well received.

From my house we went on to my aunt Gayle's house, then to my mom's house and finally to my aunt Cathy's. After going to every house to look at decorations we went to Puerto Vallarta for Mexican food and good conversation. It was just generally a fantastic day. 

On Sunday it was snowing and pretty much nasty out of doors, so some plans we had were cancelled, but I still braved the snow to pick up fabric to make a stocking for the Yule WWP swap. I had previously bought some fabric for this purpose, but after an unfortunate accident with a cup of fruit punch on Saturday night it was necessary to get more. It was okay though because I liked the new fabric better than the old and the stocking turned out amazing. This was a smaller swap, but I really like the pieces I produced. I feel like I am growing in my crafting abilities and that can only be a good thing. 

In other news, in spite of the holidays and all that means in food, I have officially hit 40 pounds lost. I am so proud of myself for this. That's 40% of the weight I was trying to lose. I am thinking I should reward myself in 10 pounds when I officially hit the halfway point, but I haven't decided with what yet. I have a couple of ideas up in the air: a piercing, new unmentionables (maybe from VS), what else? Any ideas? 


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