A Break From Yule/ Christmas...

It's been a while since I posted anything about it, but it's always there marinating in the back of my mind. I am going to have to get to working on it sooner than I am comfortable with too. Yes... I am talking about my wedding.

I have a lot of amazing decorating and crafting ideas and I thought I would share some of the ones I was thinking of using here.
A paper chain using old books.

I'm thinking of using something similar as place cards and favors.

These are candles rolled in epsom salts...aren't they beautiful.

Vintage Suitcase Card Holder

Dried Flower Bouquet

Lot's more to come. I just wanted to share some of the current running ideas and such. :) 


Knickertwist said…
Gorgeous, glorious ideas! I love every one of them!
Lyn said…
Wonderful ideas - I love the book chains!
these are absolutely beautiful! i love your rosy pink romantic taste. your blog is so lovely.
Shari Replogle said…
The idea for the candles is wonderful! And I love the bottles, how perfect for place cards.
I am also just tickled that you have the muppets singing Christmas carols on your music. Love it! Thanks for visiting me.
Róisín said…
What a great post! I love all your ideas, some great inspiration here. When I first got engaged I started obsessing about this kind of thing but now the wedding's on hold for a little while (job/money/college blah blah blah) I'd put it to the back of my mind. But this has got me into wedding mood again! I'm surprised you're not posting this kind of thing all the time. When is the big day anyway? Oh, I can't wait to see the pictures from it!!! Going on this I'd say you'll have the most wonderful and charming shindig ever!
AlphaBetsy said…
We are getting married in October of 2012, but since I want to craft so much for it I am going to start working on things next year. I am easily stressed so I can not put things off, for the sake of my own sanity. I am trying not to get too crazy about it yet, but I really want to start fleshing things out.

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