And Now For Something Completely Different.

I will be turning 30 in March, and while I am not traumatized by this as some of my friends have been I acknowledge that it is a fairly important birthday. I am not going to give up pigtails and t-shirts with cute designs like one of my friends, or completely panic about getting old like others, but I still feel like I should do something special to celebrate being 3 decades old. My idea, which I will admit I took from another friend, is to make a list of 30 things to do before my 30th birthday. I made these realistic mini goals, or easily accomplished things, that I have never done or feel I would like to do. Right now I have a list of 27 things, and I am trying to fill in those final 3. I thought I would share my list and see if anyone has any good ideas of other items to add to the list.

1) Go Sledding
2) Fly a Kite
3) Paintball
4) See Cirque du Soliel (this is cheating a bit because Seth bought us tickets for February and I know, but...)
5) Go to Burlesque Show
6) Go to Drag Show
7) Go to Columbus Museum of Art
8) Go to Gallery Hop
9) Get a Massage
10) Get craft room set up in attic.
11) Read/listen to 10 books I have never read (have already read 3)
12) Set up a functional work out schedule
13) Learn to resin cast
14) Update scrapbooks to current (I have fallen behind this year)
15) Learn to solder.
16) Do a personal swap on Craftster
17) Post 10 items to Craftster Boards
18) Craft at least 12 items
19) Buy risque undergarments
20) Hit 60 pounds lost
21) Get a daring hair cut
22) Try Indian food.
23) Have a really good photo taken
24) Go get a makeover in Sephora
25) Get a City of Heroes Character to 40
26) Plan a big birthday party
27) Dare to wear a pencil skirt.

Some of these are pretty easy, but since I only have until March 14th I wanted to make sure they were goals I could reach. What do you think? Some of these will just be fun to do and some may take me out of my comfort zone a bit, but I don't think that's a bad thing. I am pretty much starting this immediately, though most of it will not be started until the holidays are over. I just want to see the whole list completed by my birthday, oh and to have filled in those final 3 spots. More on this to come.


Claire said…
Good Luck meeting your before 30 list! I'm a few years off, but I'm going to start thinking of mine now.

Happy Holidays!

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