Holiday Wrap-up 2010.

And as quickly as it began the holidays are now over. There was much exchanging of gifts and eating as well as lots of quality time with our families. Friday night, so Christmas Eve, we went to the house of Seth's paternal grandparents.We ate alot, met their new dog, Thor, watched Avatar and watched the littluns open gifts. Then we came home and exchanged gifts with each other since Christmas day was so full. I got him a classic Ipod, two PS3 games (Batman: Arkham Asylum & Assains Creed) , three Bluray (The Dark Night, KickAss & The Breakfast Club), and the soundtrack to the musical Avenue Q. He got me a USB Turntable (yeah records), Sword and The Stone on DVD, and Despicable Me and the Shrek series on Bluray, a couple of gift cards and other assorted oddities.

On Christmas we started at Seth's maternal grandparent's house; where we ate more, watched more little kids open presents and played with Seth's grandma's new kittens. They are so cute. I wanted to take them all home.

When we left there we went to Seth's parents house where we continued to eat and opened presents with his immediate family. Chris and Niki, Seth's brother and sister-in-law, bought me a child's accordion, which I absolutely love. And they got Seth a Jedi build a bear, if you squeeze his paw it plays the Star Wars theme and he has a  lightsabre that makes fight sounds. Seth's dad also made me a wooden boline, which is just amazing. He is a great carver. 

Sunday we went to my mother's to spend the day with her and my little sister. We ate some more, played wii, watched movies and just had a great day. Mom bought us far too many presents, including a beautiful bustier top to wear in February when we are going to go see Cirque du Soliel Dralion. Here are some picture of my family. Mom is taking a picture of Shmoo who is taking a picture of me... all three photos were taken by Seth who escaped the camera. 

That sums up our holiday weekend. All in all a great weekend. Now I am gearing up for New Years and a new year. Plotting and planning. Much to come. 


D.Suplicki said…
Sounds like you guys had a wonderfully full holiday weekend! <3

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