The First Weekend of the Holiday Season.

Well the weekend was a whirlwind, I feel like I barely got to sit. But it was good busy.

On Saturday I went into my hometown to go with my mother to a get together for her graduating class. It was at Buckeye Winery in downtown Newark. I tasted their Pomegranate-Wildberry Eternity wine and their red ice wine. Both of them were super tasty, but I ended up taking home two bottles of the pomegranate. It was a really nice night, all of the attendees were pleasant and welcoming. I completely forgot my camera though, so I am hoping to get some pictures of the amazingly decorated courthouse on my next trip to town, which will be Saturday. 

Yesterday we ran to Target in the morning to get some wine related items, because after I bought the wine I realized that I had no wine glasses or a wine stopper,  in the past I have not been a very big wine drinker, but currently I love it, so... Anyway I was in Target and I saw this hat 
It is so fantastically 1920's. I tried it on immediately and fell in love, but Seth chided me because I am not allowed to shop for me right now, which is true, but made me sad. So I put the hat back and we headed toward the checkout where Seth told me to go get the hat. He bought it for me as an early Christmas present and let me have it now. How much do I love that man? I will get a picture of me in the hat soon and post it, but trust me it's cute. 

I wore my amazing new hat to my friend Jeff's house for his holiday party last night. He lives in German Village which is a historic area in Columbus. They were having their village lights celebration, with a lot of open houses and holiday celebrating. We started at Jeff's with finger foods and wine and more wine, mulled wine even, or Gluhwein. Then we took to the frigid, snowy streets to walk around looking at lights and decorations. Some of the homes even let you come inside. This one house had this massive Christmas tree in their vaulted dining room. That tree had to be 20 feet tall at the least and was all lit and decorated (photos to follow). 
After we had gotten as cold as possible  we went back to Jeff's and it was requested that I break out my Tarot Cards, which I did gladly. I  don't get to do readings very often anymore and it was great breaking them out. And I have to say I haven't lost my abilities. I gave a bunch of really good intuitive readings, which left me feeling amazing and very connected. Spiritually very rewarding. 
Now for your viewing pleasure some photos of first my personal trees and holiday decorations followed by photos from the German Village. 


Frenchy said…
Oh i love this hat !!!
beautiful pictures. I love Christmas :)
Thanks for saying hi !
D.Suplicki said…
What beautiful pictures! I somehow can't ever seem to get enough of the lights that are all over the place at this time of year. I love that you have a few trees in your house, I'm hoping we find a large enough house that I can do the same next year. :)

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