15 days of thankfulness - Day One

November 10 - Day 1 - An author, artist and musician you are thankful for.

The author I am thankful for today is Christopher Moore. His books are intelligently written, but always make me laugh. And his way with words is Epic. And because this was hard for me I am also thankful for Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. 
Mr Moore and some squirrel people

The artist I am thankful for is Vincent Van Gogh. I know he is not current, but I have always loved his unique style and amazing use of color. A starry night, enough said. Thank you Dr. Who for reminding me how much I loved him. 

The musician I am thankful for is Amanda Palmer. I originally found her as the second piece of the band the Dresden Dolls, and have continued to follow he into her solo career. I love her because she always signs autographs, she listens to and truly appreciates her fans, she holds online parties that are hysterical and beautiful, she married one of my favorite authors (Neil), and she is seriously talented in many ways. 


Toriz said…
Great choices!

Van Gough counts; they didn't say it had to be current, right? ;)
AlphaBetsy said…
They did not. :) And I have always loved Van Gogh.

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