Get off your Broom - catch up and apologies

I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting these posts and then I realized that I had changed everything, but my subscription to the blog, oops, so now I will play catch up a bit.

First I should say that with all the exercise I have been doing it can not make up for the holidays, it just can't and I have decided that is okay. I refuse to become so stressed about what I am eating, drinking etc. during the holidays that I don't enjoy myself at all. I am not overeating, but I am also not punishing myself for eating the trifle my little sister made. Once the holidays are over I will buckle down and be super careful again, but for now I am enjoying my family and the food that is involved in that. I am still exercising and counting my points, but I am NOT panicking if I realize that I have put on a pound. It will come back off, I know that, so I am letting it go. Not becoming complacent, but just refusing to kill myself over small gains and small things.

My Week 4 Stats
Weight 208      a slight increase
Chest 44
Waist 38.5      
Hips 42.25     

Right Thigh 23
Right Arm 13.5         

In the grand scheme of things this could be so much worse. 

Why I am  trying to lose weight: 
To look/feel better
To look amazing in my wedding dress
To actually like looking at myself in the mirror
To hold off major health problems
To make tying my shoes easier ( it's the little things) 
To make me feel sexy again
To make me enjoy being naked
To allow for a more active lifestyle
To be able to do a zip line tour (I was over 250 lbs when I started which is usually the max)
To regain my sense of pride in my appearance
To make me want to go out more

All these and more...

How healthy are the foods I eat, well in all honestly probably not that healthy, but whatever anyone says organic foods are much more expensive and I just can not afford it. We eat the best we can while maintaining a budget, which is healthy enough for us. It's not all organics, but it's definitely all processed either. 

I am going to have to think about my witches diet and get back to you. 



Diandra said…
Good post! And let me assure you, worrying has never led anyone to lose a single pound. You'd think with all the elevated heart rate it would count as exercise, but nope... so go ahead and enjoy yourself!
Toriz said…
Good post; that's the way to do it... Try and make things healthier, but don't worry about any little gains or whatever! :)
AlphaBetsy said…
Thanks ladies. I am feeling a lot less stressed already. It's a weight off.

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