15 days of thankfulness - Day Three

November 12 - Day 3 - 3 relatives or people from your past that you are thankful for.

First, I am thankful for my mother, Karla. She is my mom, my best friend, my support system, my cheering section, my sounding board and so much more. She is also going to officiate at our wedding. Oh, and she paid for my dress. Yep, she is that awesome. 

Second is my little sister, Traci. She is one of my favorite people in the world. That pretty much sums that up. 

The third is a joint love to my Grandma and Grandpa Bailey. I lived with them, with my mom, most of my life and they helped form me into the woman I am today. Grandma passed in 1996 and Grandpa in 2001 but I still miss them both. 


Incipient Wings said…
i love this Betsy..it's very sweet.& such a great idea.
Toriz said…
Very sweet; it's great that your family mean so much to you!

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